Find/Replace in Files window

Find in Files window allows to search for text in files on your drive.

Search for

Specifies text to be searched.

Replace with

Specifies replacement text.

Look in

Specifies folder to look for files.

Look in subfolders

Indicates that the search includes files located in folders that are within the folders specified in the Look in box.

Files of type

Specifies the type of files to be included in search. This field should contain valid file masks, separated by ;


Finds all occurrences of search text.


Finds all occurrences of search text and allows to replace them one by one.

Replace All

Relpaces all occurrences of search text with replacement text.


Displays Browse for Folder dialog box which allows to pick Look in folder rather then enter it from keyboard.


Closes Find in Files window and cancels current search (if any).

Close when search complete

Indicates that when search operation is complete, Find in Files window should close automatically.


Case sensitive

Searches only for occurrences that match the combination of uppercase and lowercase characters you enter in the Search for box.

Whole words only

Searches only for whole words rather than matching the text you enter in the Search for box as it occurs within words.

Regular expressions

Enables regular expression search.

Preserve case

Indicates that during replace operation, replacement text should be modified to match the capitalization and case of found string. Table below displays an example of how this option makes the replace function operate. In this example the search string is software and the replacement string is program.

Found text Inserted text
software program
Software Program

Display detailed results

Indicates that search results should list position of each occurrence of search string. When this option is not set, search results display just file names.