Publish Project window

Publish Project window displays allows to select project files to be uploaded to FTP.

List of files

Displays a list of project files. You can select files for upload by placing check marks near the file names.


Allows to filter the list of project files so that only files created or updated within specified period of time are displayed.

Mark All

Marks all listed files to be uploaded.

Mark Selected

Marks selected files to be uploaded.

Unmark All

Makes all listed files not marked.

Auto select unpublished

Indicates that changed but unpublished files should be marked automatically.

Remember selection

Indicates that the marked files should be remembered and automatically marked next time when this window is open.

If used in combination with Auto select unpublished, both unpublished and remembered files are marked.


Cancels file publishing and closes the window.


Uploads marked files to project's FTP directory.