New Selector dialog

New Selector window creates new CSS selector(s).
To learn more about types of selectors and their syntax, visit W3C CSS specification.

HTML Element

Specifies HTML element to whom the selector applies.

Pseudo class

Specifies selector's pseudo class / element (if any).

Pseudo-classes are used to add different effects to some selectors, or to a part of some selectors. Pseudo-elements are used to apply style to a particular group of elements.

Class, ID

Contains class name or ID for creating class or ID selector.


Enables you to create combinator selectors.


Contains currently generated selector. You can type this value from keyboard or use selector wizard controls to create it.


Adds contents of Selector box to Selectors list.


Contains selectors that will be created.

Insert as single selector

Indicates that selecors from the list will be grouped and inserted as a single rule.

Insert as separate selectors

Indicates that a separate rule will be created for each selector from the list.