Find/Replace window

Find/Replace window allows to search for and replace text.

Search for

Specifies text to be searched.

Replace with

Specifies replacement text.

Find Next

Finds specified text.

Find All

Finds all occurrences of search text and displays the search results as a list.


Replaces search text with replacement text and finds next occurrence of search text.

Replace All

Replaces all occurrences of search text with replacement text.

Multi Line

Allows to switch between single-line and multi-line modes.


Case sensitive

Searches only for occurrences that match the combination of uppercase and lowercase characters you enter in the Search for box.

Whole words only

Searches only for whole words rather than matching the text you enter in the Search for box as it occurs within words.

Regular expressions

Enables regular expression search.

Preserve case

Preserves the character case of the text to be replaced.

For example, if the search text is hello and replacement text is world then Hello is replaced with World and HELLO with WORLD.



Enable to search text from top to bottom.


Enable to search text from bottom to top.


From cursor

Enable to search text starting from cursor position .

Entire scope

Enable to start search from the very beginning.


Current document

Searches through all text.

All open documents

Searches through all open documents.

Selected text

Searches only through selected text.