AI requirements and limitations

AI features are based on external third party AI engine and come with following requirements and limitations.

To use AI, following requirements must be met:

  • AI features require internet access, because external AI engine is used.
  • With trial version, you must have a user account.
  • When you have a license key and activate the software, AI features are unlocked automatically. In this case user account is optional, but recommended as it allows you to share AI credits between multiple licenses and provides some useful information in the online control panel.
  • You must have available AI credits. If you have spent your free credits that came with the software, you must buy more credits.

AI features have following limitations:

  • AI sometimes can make mistakes and provide incomplete or incorrect answers
  • When using ChatGPT 4 engine, the response times may be slower than with ChatGPT 3.5
  • AI queries are a paid feature. Once your free credits run out, you must purchase additional credits separately.


  • Both trial and licensed version comes with limited amount of free AI credits.