PHP menu and toolbar

PHP menu and toolbar allows to quickly insert common PHP code fragments and provides access to some PHP related tools.

PHP Snippets provides a drop-down menu for inserting common PHP structures. To edit this menu, click Edit PHP Snippets.
PHP Server Variables displays a list of server variables. To insert an item, select it and click OK.
PHP Tag inserts PHP tags <? ?>.
PHP Block inserts PHP tags <? and ?> in separate lines, creating multi-line PHP code block.
PHP Output Tag inserts PHP output tag <?= ?>.
Include File inserts file include directive.
Require File inserts file require directive.
Comment Block inserts empty PHP comment block /* */ or converts the selected text to comment block.
Line Comment inserts PHP single line comment // or converts the selected text to comment lines.
Convert HTML to PHP converts selected HTML code to pure PHP code that outputs HTML.
Syntax Check validates current PHP document against syntax errors.

Language Browser

Language Browser provides convenient way for working with PHP objects.