Add code to Library

To add your own code snippet to Library

  1. On the Options menu click Library Editor.
  2. Select one of available folders or use New Folder or Subfolder button to create a new one.
  3. Click New Snippet.
  4. Snippet Editor appears. In the Name box, enter title for the snippet. Then enter snippet contents in text edit box(es).
  5. Click OK to save code snippet.
  6. Click Close to exit Library editor.


  • When callword (essentially a short, user-defined single word or text string) is assigned to a snippet, the snippet can then be inserted by typing the callword and immediately pressing Ctrl+J which replaces the callword at cursor with the corresponding snippet.
  • All snippets with callwords will be added to a special Auto Complete drop down box which can be called by pressing Ctrl+J at any moment during text editing.