Make AI requests

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you can use integrated AI features.

To submit an AI query

  1. Select the code fragment, if the question is related to particular code. Otherwise, select nothing.
  2. On the AI menu choose one of the availabnle AI commands:
    • Ask anything - to ask free-form questions
    • Write code - to make free-form requests about generating code that will be inserted at the current position in your editor
    • Modify - to make free-form requests about changing the selected code
    • Check - to check selected code for errors or mistakes
    • Explain - to get explanation about what the selected code does
    • Simplify - to simplify the selected code
    • Add comments - to add comments to the selected code
  3. If the corresponding command requires you to enter your request, the AI Prompt window will open where you can enter your request and click Submit


  • You can assign shortcuts to the AI commands.
  • Whenever you use any of the AI commands, AI side panel will open and display the answer to your request.
  • For Modify command, you will be asked to confirm modifications. This option can be turned off in Preferences - AI.