Project Properties window

Project Properties window allows to create new project or edit properties of existing project.

General tab

Project Name

Specifies project name. It is recommended to use short and descriptive project.

Example: My Main Website

Root folder

Specifies the folder that contains project files and sub folders.

Example: c:\websites\mysite

Files of type

Specifies the type(s) of files to be included in the project. This field should contain valid file masks separated with semicolon (;)

Example: *.htm;*.txt;*.gif;*.jpg

Publishing Settings tab

FTP directory

Specifies FTP directory for the project. Click Select button to specify valid FTP directory.

Library Paths tab

List of library folders

Shows currently added library folders.


Adds new folder containing library files.


Removes selected library folder from the list.

Refresh Library Data

Processes files contained within the specified library folders.

Since the library data processing may be a lengthy procedure, it is not done automatically. Use this button to process library data when new files are added and when the old files are changed.