Customize code highlighting logics

While it is easily possible to change colors of syntax highlighting, with some more significant effort it is also possible to change the way of how the text is highlighted.

Advanced developers can achieve this by writing customized syntax highlighting scripts.

To customize syntax highlighting script:

  1. Learn the syntax of code highlighting scripts
  2. In Preferences window, under Text Editor, select Colors.
  3. Click Advanced Tools and select Custom Highlighting Scripts.
  4. Select the language for which you want to customize the highlighting.
  5. Click Save Original Script to save the current highlighting script.
  6. Use the original script as the base for your new custom script.
  7. When your customized script is ready, return to the Custom Highlighting Scripts window, pick the language and select your script.
  8. Restart the application.


If you happen to create an interesting syntax highlighting script that could be beneficial to many other users, please do not hesitate to share it and send it to