Settings window

Settings window allows to change Surfblocker settings.

Password tab

This tab is used to enter or change Surfblocker password. Surfblocker password is used to protect Surfblocker settings and unauthorized Internet use.

Options tab

Display Surfblocker tray icon

Indicates that an icon should be displayed in the system tray. This icon shows Internet connection status and allows quick access to Surfblocker commands.

Block changes to system time

Indicates that Surfblocker should deny adjustments to system time. This allows to protect Internet availability schedule.

Display warning before the Internet is disabled

Indicates that user should be notified before the Internet connection is blocked or restricted.

Log Surfblocker events

Indicates that all Surfblocker events should be logged. These events include enabling, disabling internet and changing settings. You can view the log by clicking View Log button in the main window.

Ask password when exiting Surfblocker

Indicates that Surfblocker should ask for password before closing the tray icon.