Command Line Configuration Utility

Surfblocker command line configuration utility (ciportect.exe) allows power users to make Surfblocker configuration changes from command line whether directly or by running the utility remotely.

Sample usage

ciprotect.exe -pass mypassword -set tray -unset log
ciprotect.exe -pass mypassword -process add "c:\program files\safe\safe.exe"
ciprotect.exe -pass mypassword -site del ""

Command reference

-pass <password> Specify iNet Protector password. Required.
-newpass <password> Change iNet Protector password.
-set <setting>
-unset <setting>
Enable or disable a setting.
List of settings:
  • block_everything - Block everything that is not in exceptions.
  • block_selected_resources - Block only resources in block lists.
  • block_harmful_sites - Block harmful content.
  • tray - Display iNet Protector tray icon.
  • block_time_change - Block changes to system time.
  • display_warning
  • display_warning_<time_minutes> Display warning before disabling internet.
  • log - Log iNet Protector Events.
  • ask_password_on_exit - Ask password when exiting iNet Protector.
-process add <process>
-process del <process>
Add or remove allowed program. Specify full path.
-service add <service_name> <ports> Add allowed service (port range). Service name
-service add "Telnet" "23"
-service add "E-mail" "25;110;143;995;"
-service del <service_name> Remove allowed service by service name.
-site add <site>
-site del <site>
Add or remove allowed site. Site can contain wildcards *
-ip add <ip>
-ip del <ip>
Add or remove allowed IP address. IP can contain wildcards *
-blockedprocess add <process>
-blockedprocess del <process>
Add or remove program to block list.
-blockedservice add <service_name> <ports> Add service (port range) to block list.
-blockedservice del <service_name> Remove service from block list.
-blockedsite add <site>
-blockedsite del <site>
Add or remove site to/from blocked site list.
-blockedip add <ip>
-blockedip del <ip>
Add or remove IP address to/from block list.
-protect Enable protection.
-unprotect Disable protection.
-tempunblock <params> Temporarily disable protection.
List of tempunblock parameters:
  • stop - Clear temporary unblocking.
  • until_restart - Disable protection until next restart.
  • time <hrs>:<min> - Disable protection for specified time.
  • until_idle <min> - Disable protection until idle for specified time.
  • until_screensaver - Disable protection until screensaver.