Difference between pure CSS and image-based templates

Two types of templates are available and you can create two types of menus - pure CSS and image-based.

Pure CSS menu

Pure CSS menu contains no image files (except icons and gradient backgrounds) and consists of pure HTML and CSS code.

Advantages of pure CSS-only menu:

  • Some amazing designs are possible that are not possible with classic menus
  • Cleaner code
  • Loads a little bit faster
  • Works with JavaScript turned off

Classic image-based menu

Image-based menu uses images for top menu buttons. This allows you to create more lively and more colorful menus in some cases.

Advantages of image-based menu:

  • More artistic and vivid top menu buttons
  • Top menu can contain buttons of different styles
  • Works with JavaScript turned off

Important! By default, both menu types include a JavaScript file to enhance usability and visual effects when JavaScript is available. If, for whatever reason, you do not want to have JavaScript at all, simply delete the generated JavaScript file and remove the script tag from the menu code. It will still work.


  • If you are not sure which template to use, you should simply go with the one that you like best.
  • Features and user interfaces for editing image-based and pure CSS menus are a little bit different.