Create shareware screen saver

Shareware screen savers are limited trial version screen savers that can be turned into full products by entering registration key which is provided to customer upon the purchasing of the screen saver product.

Creating a screen saver shareware version

To create shareware screen saver

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Selling.
  2. Check Create Shareware screen saver option.
  3. Select Registration tab.
  4. Select Common registration key or Unique registration keys.
  5. In the Purchase Link box enter online ordering link for your screen saver.

Customer will be able to unlock (register) the screen saver product by entering the key via screen saver settings window or nag-screen.

Choosing between common and unique registration keys

Unique registration keys allow to create trial version of shareware screen saver which can be then registered (turned into full version) by entering customer name and unique registration key mapped to that customer name.

You can generate registration keys for your customers using special Key Generator utility included with Screensaver Factory.

When common registration key is used, screen saver can be unlocked with a single key.


  • Unique registration keys are supported only in Screensaver Factory Professional and Enterprise editions.