Create screen saver nag-banner

Nag-banner is a text message that is displayed on all images of unregistered shareware screen saver. It is usually a reminder to register shareware screen saver.

To enable screen saver nag-screen

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Selling.
  2. Check Create shareware screen saver option.
  3. Select Nag-Banner tab.
  4. Check Show nag-banner on screen saver.
  5. Enter nag-banner text.
  6. Select nag-banner position on screen.
  7. Enter nag-banner spacing from screen edge in pixels.
  8. Select nag-banner foreground and background colors.
  9. For smooth font edges, check Antialiased.
  10. To ignore background color and draw text directly on image, check Transparent.
  11. To enable text shadow, check Shadow.
  12. To select nag-banner text font, click Font.