Set Options

You can customize Easy GIF Animator in various ways. Options can be set via the Options dialog window.

To access Options dialog window, on the File tab, click Options.


Show Welcome Screen

Indicates that each time the program is launched, the Welcome Screen is displayed.

Use Animation Wizard when creating new animation

Indicates that every time you click New, the Animation Wizard is opened.


Defaults for new animations

Allows you to specify the default loop count for newly created animations.

Defaults for new frames

Allows you to specify the default duration for newly created files.


Color Reduction

GIF images can have a maximum of only 256 different colors. When importing images of other formats (such as BMP) which have more than 256 colors, the color count must be reduced to 256 or less. Color reduction options allow you to control how color reduction is made when you add images with more than 256 colors to your animation. In most cases, default options are just fine.

Color Reduction - Dithering mode

Allows to choose color reduction method used when importing images of other formats to your GIF animation.


Image Editor for Frame Editing

Here you can specify a custom external image editing program for advanced frame editing. By default, the Microsoft® Paint is used.