Compiling screen savers automatically

Screensaver Wonder supports automated screensaver builds which means that you can produce screensaver files and setup packages by running Screensaver Wonder from command line without user interaction.

This allows developers to build systems, applications and services that produce screen saver files. For example, it is possible for advanced developer to create a website that offers automated custom screensaver development services.

Please note that offering automated products and services based on Screensaver Wonder to third parties is a subject to specific licensing terms. Please contact customer support for more info.


To produce a screensaver file or setup package automatically, you need to

  1. Generate valid screensaver project file in XML format
  2. Run the Screensaver Wonder with appropriate command line switches

Following chapters describe how to implement both of the steps.

Creating a valid screensaver project file

Screensaver Wonder project files are actually XML files of specific format. To learn the structure of project files, simply create a screensaver project file and open it in a text editor. Please note that the format is very strict, so the best way of generating valid screensaver project files is to base them on an actual file that has been created by Screensaver Wonder. Currently there is no specification, so you will have to learn by experimenting.

Running Screensaver Wonder from command line

To produce a screensaver file or setup package automatically, run Screensaver Wonder from command line with either -mkscr or -mksetup switch followed by full path to the screensaver project file enclosed in double quotes.

To produce SCR file:

c:\Screensaver Wonder\scrfact.exe -mkscr "c:\projects\myproject.sfp"

To produce setup package:

c:\Screensaver Wonder\scrfact.exe -mksetup "c:\projects\myproject.sfp"

You must make sure that the project file contains no errors, otherwise the Screensaver Wonder will stop with an error message.


  • This feature is available only in Enterprise edition of Screensaver Wonder.